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MEDINE1 2004-2007
The Thematic Network on Medical Education in Europe (MEDINE) addresses educational, institutional and quality issues in European medical education within the framework of European initiatives. The project was carried out with the support of the European community 2005-2007.

MEDINE2 2009-2012
The MEDINE2 Thematic Network in Medical Education in Europe is built on the work of the MEDINE Network, 2004-2007. The University of Edinburgh is responsible for the project.
ECTS MA members are involved in Medine2 through Workpackage 2 on Mobility; it includes several deliverables: posters, web pages, site visits, meetings and ECTS schools, on-line survey.
Communication and work about WP2 is done through the Medine2 website.
The Network is required because the education and training of medical doctors to a high standard is critical to the physical health, well-being, productivity and social cohesion of European society.


ECTS MA is a non profit organization
Legal address: Bruxelles, Belgium

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